I focus on three core areas – Strategy, User Experience and design.

Strategy centers around engagements with senior level management within organizations to evaluate, formalize and develop strategic initiatives. This often involves research, experience specifications and mapping, persona development and product/service positioning. It can also involve performing analysis around business and creative operations, which can lead to blueprints for defining or redefining workflow processes, team structures, product and service standards and innovation benchmarks. User Experience & Design engagements involve the spectrum of the user experience. Concepting, prototyping, site mapping, UI development through to visual design, branding and messaging.

I've been doing this for a while. With a 20+ year track record and a recipient of over 50 design awards, I can safely say I've touched on practically every aspect of communication design. I've always driven to better understand how humans interface with design and technology – interactive television, CD ROMs, movies on demand, electronic program guides, push technologies, dynamic web pages and apps, social media and mobile.

Beyond my early years in print design, my interest in interactive media began with the first innovations and earliest explorations in interactive TV, Web/PC hybrid products and cable modem internet services. From 1994-1996 I worked at Tele-TV with a multi-faceted team of designers, user interface specialists and programmers for one of the first deployments of a interactive-tv and video-on-demand application trials in the United States. During that time I developed and designed Tele-TV’s broadcast identity system, and the interface and interactive models for their MMDS service.

I was on the forefront of the internet, designing interfaces and interactive prototypes for Stargazer PC, an online service that was comprised of various partnerships with regional and national newspapers, such as the Washington Post and the New York Times. I also worked with the Young Astronauts, a division of NASA that was geared towards kids, to form an interactive module for inclusion on interactive services. During this time, I became adept at digital video editing and special effects using high-end SGI workstations and FLAME software.

In 1996, I formed CO2 Media, Inc. with my business partner Jeff Wilt. As Creative Director for CO2 Media, Inc. I designed, developed and supervised all projects handled by the company. We created award winning applications for a broad range of clients. I designed the user interface designs for one of the first WebTV boxes offered by Philips/Magnovox, one of the first broadcast–internet companion websites for PBS's "In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great" and eStart, a single online destination for ethnic communities with in-language content, culturally-relevant news and information.

One of the highlights of my time with CO2 Media was the long-term relationship that I formed with The Discovery Channel. Within a turnaround of three months and working with the senior management team at Discovery, I was responsible for the strategy, site design, coordination and implementation of all elements for a successful redesign effort. Focusing on the importance of creating a site to Discovery Channel’s core educational audience, a emphasis was placed on the abundance and variety of original online content; such as timely scientific news, daily dispatches from the field and complementary content that supported and expanded the appeal of Discovery Channel’s specials and shows.

The success of the redesign effort forged a strong, long-term relationship and DCOL next looked to my services to assist in the strategy, creation and launch of over a dozen other online content sites. This included Discovery Adventures, Discovery Pictures, Discovery International, Discovery Travel, the Discovery Channel Global Education Fund, Crocodile Hunter for Animal Planet, and Trauma: Life in the ER for TLC.

In 2001 I joined AOL to help form and later become the Director of Design for AOL's Experience Prototyping Lab (XPL). The team provided research, methods and models to assist AOL in gaining more detailed and relevant understanding of users increasingly complex lives. Using a rapid-fire approach to creative brainstorming, design and iterative prototyping, we visualized solutions that inspire the organization to innovate upon all aspects of the service.

Leveraging my experience in the disciplines of business, design and technology I've provided proven creative solutions for some of the best-known brands including Discovery Networks, Phillips/Magnavox, National Geographic and America Online, as well as many other firms who are developing revolutionary products and services. The versatility of my experience is shown in the extensive range of work encompassing strategic consulting in user experience development, interactive media, print design, social media and branding.

Check out my portfolio of work and if you need someone with experience and creative flair, give me a shout.





Moving into the new studio!

After years of planning, months of construction, delays and back breaking work I’m finally moving into the new studio. Once the warmer weather comes around and get the yard back in shape I’ll have an open house!

Max McNeil

studio: 301.620.2312

mobile: 301.788.0155











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